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Young Families Making Their Home in Pittsville

Wisconsin town for young families

Quality of Life, Building Incentives Help Attract Families to Pittsville

Jake Hahn has lived in Pittsville his entire life, and now resides there with his wife, Elise, son Henry, and daughter Emily.

“We chose to live in Pittsville because of the great sense of community, the parks, the excellent school system and because of the generous housing grants being offered by the CDA and City of Pittsville,” said Hahn.

Anyone interested in building a new home within the City of Pittsville has access to special incentives, equating 4% of the assessed value up to $150,000 with a maximum award of $6,000. The incentive is paid out after substantial completion is determined.

“Right now, most lots for sale in the subdivision are only $12,000,” he explained. “Once you buy a lot and build a home, the city will give you $6,000 back so essentially you can get a beautiful lot with water and sewer already tied in for only $6,000.”

“I would highly recommend Pittsville to anyone looking for a place to buy or build a home. It is a great place to raise a family,” he said.

Jordan and Mariah Rayburn are also longtime Pittsville residents – Mariah was born there and Jordan moved there when he was ten years-old. After moving to Eau Claire for college, they have since moved back to call Pittsville home again.

“We had been looking for the opportunity to move back to Pittsville since completing college,” said Jordan. “We wanted to be back in Pittsville to be close to our families and friends. We also both got jobs in the area.”

Jordan obtained a teaching position at Pittsville High School and Mariah got a job as a Registered Nurse at Marshfield Medical Center.

“We specifically wanted to be in Pittsville because it’s a great tight knit community where people care and look for each other. Pittsville has also provided both of us with a great education and many opportunities,” said Mariah. “We wanted to build in Pittsville because we hope to raise a family here and give our kids that same experience.”

The young couple added that the quality of life in Pittsville is excellent.

“We live in a safe community with friendly neighbors and a great public school system. We enjoy many of the annual events held in Pittsville, including the 4thof July celebrations,” said Jordan. “Pittsville offers a great park with recreational activities such as disc golf and kayaking.”

Jordan also plays on Pittsville’s amateur baseball team that plays in the park, the Pittsville River Bandits.

“We would encourage people to drive around the spring creek subdivision on the north end of town, where the city is offering great building incentives,” he said. “There are many nice homes and friendly neighbors in the subdivision. There are also many great lots still available to build on.”

To learn more about opportunities in Pittsville, visit This article originally appeared OnFocus.


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